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/stel ‘kah skits/  n.

  1. a small box made of a hard, gray alloy of iron used extensively to house an object for an indefinite period of time;

  2. a mentally hopeless place.


STEEL CASKETS is a blog dedicated exclusively to discussions about this country’s unrelenting objective to incarcerate, without solicitude, the poor, the black and brown, and the mentally ill.    


STEEL CASKETS is more than discourse of a broken criminal justice system. I am not the academician who merely writes from a desk and offers opinions having never litigated in a courtroom. STEEL CASKETS is the unfiltered review from a trial lawyer with 25 years of courtroom experience representing clients from all facets, from those facing the death penalty to juvenile detention.   


I focus on this country’s massive and ever-expanding state and federal prison industrial complex. I address this nation’s obsession with the criminalization and exclusion of those who don’t look like the rest of America through mass incarceration.   


As a practicing attorney for over two decades, I have spent countless hours with clients in the interior of this nation's’ Steel Caskets: From the maximum security prisons in sweltering Reidsville, Georgia to the U.S. Penitentiary Florence-ADMAX, the notorious federal prison in the foothills of Colorado which houses the most infamous prisoners on the face of the planet, I have witnessed firsthand this nation’s obsession with housing those that it would rather ignore.  


This blog is unapologetic: I unashamedly represent the disenfranchised, the poor and even those condemned to die.  I undeniably find compassion for the mentally ill, the abused, and those targeted by our criminal justice.   And yes, I have also held the hand of crying victims’ family members who have been irreparably damag

ed by the hands of clients.  


I speak on the prison industrial complex because in the decades of practicing law, I know firsthand that the empty campaign slogans of  “tough on crime” touted from both republican and democrats completely fail to decrease crime, prevent drug trafficking, reduce violence, rehabilitate convicted felons or protect the innocent.

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